Sanitation Services
We Offer

SaniXperts Inc. offers professional sanitation services to different commercial and industrial facilities. Our expert team will bring all the equipment and knowledge needed to ensure the job is done right and meet the client’s needs.


Our Services Include

  • Federal & Provincial food plants.
  • Poultry/Pork/ Red Meat/ RTE fully cooked processing facility.
  • Vertical Farming.
  • Dairy Plants.
  • Bakeries
  • All Slaughter house.
  • Fruits processing.
  • Prepared frozen food.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Cleaning

Kitchen equipment cleaning reduces the chances of a fire in your commercial kitchen. We utilize our most recent sanitation techniques and procedures to ensure each piece of equipment, such as hoods, fans, ducts, and all other components, to bare metal is cleaned thoroughly. We work to exceed expectations while keeping you and your business safe.


Food Plant Sanitation

Food safety is a notable concern for all, which is why sanitation is vital in a food plant. Microbial growth can be controlled by cleaning and sanitising the equipment that is in direct contact with food. Food plants need to be operated under federal regulations or various state and local codes.

Industrial Sanitation

Cleaning industrial spaces is a demanding task. However, we handle it with great care, and our skilled professionals are committed to meeting all health and safety protocols. It is imperative to adopt measures and ensure that the facilities meet the industrial health standards to guarantee the efficient implementation of the process.


Sanitation and Office Services

SaniXperts provides an in-depth level of cleaning services with our specialized equipment. We are trained in hygienic practices to perform advanced cleaning and guarantee sparkling results. Our goal is to preserve optimal hygiene in your workplace.

Product Safety

Sanitation is a prerequisite to HACCP and is intended to reduce the incidence of microbiological, chemical, and physical hazards in the food manufacturing environment. Product safety and quality are highly dependent on sanitation and are essential for consumers too. Improper hygiene reduces shelf life and increased loss due to spoilage.